During Spring Break 2006 we took a Drama Club trip to New York City! We saw three Broadway plays; Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Phantom of the Opera, and Tarzan. We visited the Statue of Liberty, the Met, Central Park, Times Square, attended a dramatic workshop, and had an AWESOME time!

Times Square.jpg

Naked Cowboy in Times Square (he's not really naked).jpg

Naked Cowboy in Times Square (see, told ya).jpg

acting workshop.jpg

acting workshop freeze tag.jpg

acting workshop freeze tag 2.jpg

acting workshop with John Travolta.jpg

acting workshop freeze tag 3.jpg

Ellens Stardust Diner - a lot of actors work here and sing on the job.jpg

Stage door after seeing Tarzan.jpg

Tarzan marquee.jpg

Karee and Cody doing the napkin dance.jpg

The Romantic Jorge (yes, that is what he is called).jpg

Shot from Chinatown.jpg

Chinatown Alley.jpg


Ground Zero Cross.jpg

Ground Zero.jpg

Ground Zero 2.jpg

Ground Zero Timeline 6.jpg

Ground Zero Timeline 5.jpg

Ground Zero Timeline 4.jpg

Ground Zero Timeline 3.jpg

Ground Zero heroes.jpg

Early skyrises before the city had a building commission they were too close together and blocked the sun.jpg

Ground zero church.jpg

Ground Zero we walked through an old cemetary in a church.jpg

Ground Zero Trinity Church Cemetary.jpg

Ground Zero Trinity Church Cemetary 2.jpg

Ground Zero Trinity Church Window.jpg

Ground Zero Trinity Church was saved by this tree-of which a casting has been made to commemorate the miracle.jpg

Ground Zero St Pauls Trinity Church.jpg

Wall Street.jpg

Mrs Klem and the Wall Street Bull.jpg

Sphere damaged during 9-11 still stands and provides refuge for pigeons.jpg

Sphere damaged during 9-11.jpg


Skyline shot from on board the Miss Liberty boat that was taking us to Ellis Island.jpg

Ellis Island bunks.jpg

Lady Liberty from boat.jpg

Lady Liberty.jpg

Horsing around on the boat.jpg

Lady Liberty and the Klems.jpg

Mr Klem took this crooked picture.jpg

Lady Liberty from boat 2.jpg

Mr Klem on boat.jpg

Battery Park Memorial.jpg

Battery Park Waiting in Line to go see Ellis Isl and Statue of Liberty.jpg

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' Jonathan Pryce.jpg

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels waiting at stage door.jpg

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' Gregory Jbarra.jpg

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' Norbert Leo Butz and Lela's Shoulder.jpg

Dinner at Planet Hollywood.jpg

Waiting in line to go into Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.jpg

Waiting for the show to start.jpg

Central Park Fountain.jpg

Central Park Fountain 2.jpg

Central Park Flowers.jpg

Central Park John Lennon Memorial.jpg

Central Park John Lennon Memorial 2.jpg

Mr Klem and his video camera.jpg

Central Park cold cold cold day.jpg

Klems in front of the Performing Arts Building.jpg

Erik and Christy hamming it up.jpg


Mrs Klem freezing on a cold spring day.jpg

Performing Arts Center.jpg

Mr Klem looking for Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.jpg

Radio City Music Hall.jpg

Radio City Music Hall Autographed Guitar.jpg

Radio City Rockette and Mr Klem.jpg

Radio City Rockette.jpg

Radio City Music Hall Costume Dept.jpg

Radio City Music Hall Stage.jpg

Times Square Day One.jpg

Central Park Hansom Cabs.jpg


Central Park Statue.jpg

FAO Schwartz Piano Play.jpg

FAO Schwartz Piano Play 2.jpg

Mr Klem and a big apple.jpg

St Marks Cathedral and a very very tired Erik.jpg

St Marks Cathedral.jpg

St Marks Cathedral outside.jpg

Rockeller Center.jpg

Rockerfeller Center Flowers.jpg

Rockerfeller Center Photo Op.jpg

Today Show starring Mr Klem.jpg

Today Show Waiting for something to happen.jpg

Today Show Goofs.jpg

New York is TALL.jpg