Klem is a man of action, a man of mystery, and man of many talents.

Here are some action shots of him being mysterious, talented, and active.

Carousel in Central Park-Roy.jpg

Ellens Stargazer Diner in NYC.jpg

furry roy.jpg

Handsome Roy.jpg

Isn't Roy cute.jpg

NBC Studios-Roy wanted to eat at the Rainbow Room.jpg

Roy 2 2002.JPG

Roy about to be trampled by an At At.JPG

Roy and Hopper.jpg

Roy and Martin take a break.jpg

Roy and Oscar.jpg

Roy and Rocky.JPG

Roy and Ryan.jpg

Roy and Sequoia.JPG

Roy and street performer.jpg

Roy and the kids.jpg

Roy at 2 Fast car.jpg

Roy at Garden Show.JPG

Roy being a dork.jpg

Roy being silly.jpg

Roy decorating cake.jpg

Roy drawing 3.JPG

Roy gets ready for the bike.jpg

Roy in front of castle exit.jpg

Roy in front of spamalot theater.jpg

Roy in golden autopia car.jpg

Roy in Herbie.jpg

Roy in Liberty Park.jpg

Roy in Times Square at night.jpg

Roy is a French Knight.jpg

Roy loves running, you can tell.jpg

Roy medal.jpg

Roy on Astro Orbiter.jpg

Roy on the plane.jpg

Roy on the red carpet.jpg

Roy on top of the needle.jpg

Roy on whale.jpg

Roy puts on his number.jpg

Roy takes his shot.jpg

Roy watching sunset.jpg

Roy with pirate car.jpg


Roy's 40th 014.jpg

Roy, Eeyore, Tory.jpg





This bike is about Roy's size.jpg

Tory and Roy after seeing The Producers with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.jpg

Tory and Roy after the race.jpg

Tory and Roy at Tree Lighting 2.jpg

Tory and Roy.jpg

Tory, Roy, and Goofy.jpg

Tory, Roy, and the big guy.jpg

WDW Marathon Roy.jpg